Demon sexy underwear

Demon sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a special underwear designed by modern people to increase sexual interest. Because this underwear is originally popular from Japan, most sexy lingerie styles still have Japanese characteristics.And in these sexy underwear, there is another very popular style, that is, dumplings sexy underwear.


The biggest feature of rice dumplings in erotic underwear is the diversification of shapes and colors.Because its name comes from a traditional snack rice dumplings in China, when designing this underwear, various merchants will use different colors of materials to make various types of rice dumplings underwear.

material selection

Most erotic underwear is made of special materials to ensure its comfort and aesthetics.For the sexy lingerie of rice dumplings, it is generally made of softer fabrics and cotton to ensure the comfort and texture of the underwear.In addition, some merchants also use carved, beads and other accessories to decorate underwear to increase their aesthetic and noble sense.

Suitable crowd

The crowds of dumplings are more extensive because it takes into account both playful and elegant aspects. It is not only suitable for his wife to surprise his husband, but also satisfy the various sexual desire experiences between husband and wife, couples, and adults.


When using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Buy the right underwear according to your body size to avoid excessive or loose feeling.

The cleaning of the underwear should be cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use a hard brush to clean and damage the fabric.

After personal use, pay attention to cleaning and drying in time to avoid cross -infection.

the way of buying

Those who want to buy dumplings sexy underwear can be obtained through the following ways:

Search for underwear keywords on large shopping malls, or specifically search for sexy underwear zones.

Buy in the Sex Products Store.

Buy through major e -commerce platforms.

The use of rice dumplings in sex underwear

The occasion of the use of rice dumplings varies from person to person, and different people will use them in different occasions.Here are some common situations:

Private occasions of husband and wife.

Add interest when you are intimate.

Use in sexual parties, gatherings and other occasions.


As a noble and elegant erotic underwear, dumplings have a variety of colors, styles, and characteristics, which have been recognized by different people and spread widely.


As a kind of sexy toys, dumplings have a sense of creativity and beauty to people, and as props to enhance feelings and interests between husband and wife, they have also been supported and used by many people.

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