Aju sexy underwear pictures

Aju sexy underwear pictures

Aju sexy underwear pictures

Azhu’s Wonderful Lingerie is a well -known adult product company in China. It has a good reputation with its multiple styles, high quality, and affordable prices.This article will introduce the pictures and related knowledge of Azhu’s sexy underwear.

1. Gray erotic sheet

Gray can be regarded as black variants, which are easier to match visually, softer and low -key.The gray sex lingerie launched by Aju’s sexy lingerie can make you take into account noble and low -key, exuding a faint sexy.There are many underwear styles in this series, including bras, underwear, suspenders, and nighttime.

2. Capacity underwear

Bow Top Fishnet Stay Up Thigh High Stockings – 7205

Hollow is a common design element, especially in sexy underwear.Aju’s hollow underwear has suspenders, private eye masks, etc.Compared with traditional underwear, hollow underwear shows the sexy side of women.

3. lace sexy underwear

Lace is an elegant material with a retro beauty and a major feature of Aju’s sexy underwear.This series of sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, including suspenders, lace panties, pajamas, thongs, and bellybands.

4. stockings

Stockings and erotic underwear can be played with a playful sexy while modifying the legs of the legs.The stockings produced by Aju’s Interesting underwear are not only beautiful, but also pay attention to wear feelings and material safety. At the same time, they can adjust the height and apply to different figures.

5. Noble silk

Silk -made erotic underwear has a soft and smooth feel and luxury.Aju’s silk underwear has a wide range of silk underwear, including short suspenders, underwear, long nightdress, and sexy bellyband.Every detail is carefully crafted, as if telling a story.

6.SM series

The full name of SM is "umbilical cord blood stain", which is a kind of love form that enters deep, and it is also loved by some couples with strong sexual desire.The SM series of Aju’s Somboat covers the equipment such as drums, picots, handcuffs, and oral goals from getting rid of.

Fetish Wear

7. bellyband

The bellyband, also known as a personal vest, is a special underwear with naked nude parts.The bellyband produced by Aju’s sexy underwear is made of skin -friendly materials. It is comfortable to wear. At the same time, with the sexy element, it can greatly evoke the visual impulse of men while fully excavating sexy.

8. Bikini

Bikini is one of the must -have swimwear for women in summer. Azhu’s sexy underwear adds more interesting elements based on the preservation of Bikini’s original beauty, so that sexy will be improved again.For example, the back -to -back body is bikini, and the complicated lace bikini.

in conclusion

In Aju’s sexy underwear, different underwear styles have different erotic elements and design aesthetics, which can meet different women’s needs for sexy underwear, such as sexy, cute, fresh and so on.No matter what kind of underwear is, while passing the charm of women, pay attention to wearing feelings and comfort. Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can maximize your charm.