2014 Paris Quoted Underwear Show

The Paris sexy underwear show of that year

Every year, the Paris sexy underwear show is a event in the underwear industry, attracting many people in the industry to come and watch.In 2014, the event caused a sensation again.The following is a review and analysis of the Paris sex underwear show.

New trend

From the 2014 show, it can be seen that sexy underwear is increasingly focusing on showing women’s natural beauty and emotional charm, less and less exquisite production and strong sexy arrogance.Interestingly, the popular new underwear often requires less materials:

Elegant design

Elegant design is one of the major features of the Paris sex underwear show in 2014.Many brands use simple but unforgettable lines to design underwear, showing the charm of women with inner beauty and confidence.The smooth lines and rich patterns make these new underwear not only naturally integrate into the body, but also maintain a beautiful appearance.

Invited model

Each well -known brand has put a lot of effort to display first -class models to show their underwear.For example, Victoria’s Secret Invitee models have an internationally renowned and high professional standard.Female audiences can be impacted by the aesthetics of these models, and they can also see the display effect of underwear on the superstar.

European and American fusion

The underwear displayed by the Paris sex lingerie show comes from all over the world, but especially the designers of the European and American brands have a special love for the Paris sex underwear show.In fact, in the Paris sex underwear show in 2014, the most striking design combines the style of European and American underwear design, showing unique charm on the show.

Size in size and small

The world’s major underwear brands are aware that exaggerated, excessive sexy shapes and sizes are sometimes difficult to obtain consumers, because the most important function of underwear is to give comfort and support before and after.In the 2014 Paris sex underwear show, each brand has a size that provides all -in -one, allowing each woman to find her own underwear.

Low -key color

The color of the brand flower has become the past.The current designers use a stable and low -key color to design underwear, such as light gray or beige.This new trend was fully displayed on the 2014 Paris sex lingerie show.These colors of underwear look very noble and elegant, and are no longer limited to night wearing.

More flower elements

In recent years, more underwear designers have introduced flower elements to design underwear.2014 Paris sex underwear show is no exception.Many brands show gorgeous flower printing or exquisite lace elements.Although these elements are simple, these underwear shows the inner elegance and confidence.

Personalized work

The underwear on the Paris sex underwear show is often high -quality and finely produced, and designers give them many personalized features and functions.For example, some brands of underwear pockets can be disassembled or increased, which can freely adjust and provide better support.The characteristics of multi -function and personalization are a major feature of the 2014 Paris sex lingerie show.

Future Trends

From the 2014 Paris sex lingerie show, it is foreseeable to the new underwear trend in the future.More brands will use lighter materials and low -key colors, and new flower elements will be fully referenced in design.In addition, the size and simple but confident design suitable for each woman will be the focus.

in conclusion

In the 2014 Paris sex underwear show, underwear designers have demonstrated many innovative elements.We can see that more and more underwear brands start to pay attention to internal beauty and women’s confidence and charm, not just excessive sexy shapes.In the future, we will see more personalized and more underwear for women to launch the market.

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