2006 Yiwu Interesting Underwear Show

2006 Yiwu Interesting Underwear Show

In 2006, on the annual erotic underwear show in Yiwu, the businessmen who enjoyed the golden bonus in the gold rush showed a broad smile.This show not only shows the power of small commodities, but also marks the development of the city’s urban construction and the development of an export -oriented economy.

Diversified style

This time, the sex underwear show showed a variety of styles, from sexy lace underwear to fancy animal patterns.The organizer of the organizer showed various tailoring designs, and the sexy lingerie of different themes was presented, causing the needs of customers from all over the world.

Highlight personality and taste

At the same time, this show also emphasized the "taste" and "fashion sense". The unique design of the sexy underwear highlights the personality of female customers, so that people no longer have a single impression of sexy underwear brands in "prostitution" and "荤".between.

Express the advantages of women’s beauty

Classic but sexy black underwear and romantic and charming pink underwear became the protagonist of that night.Some outstanding models wearing belly pocket underwear and small skirts show the advantages of women’s beauty to the audience, which makes people can’t help but sigh that life is colorful.

Pay attention to details and quality

It is also worth mentioning that these interesting underwear focuses on details and quality.Exquisite embroidery, beads and lace highlight the high quality and good reputation of the brand.

Invite foreign models to join

The organizer also invited models from abroad to bring exotic mood to the party, showing the audience the trend and charm of world sexy underwear.The audience faced the mysterious and unique temperament of foreign models to make warm applause.

Reflecting the advantages of the small commodity market

The success of the Yiwu Wet Inskirt Show highlights the advantages of the small commodity market in Yiwu.The reason why the small commodity market can rise rapidly is precisely because it can flexibly meet the needs of different countries and regions.At the same time, the quality of small commodities in the market has also received more and more time and investment, adding more market competitiveness to it.


With the continuous changes in people’s aesthetic standards and consumption concepts, the sexy underwear brands must keep up with the pace of the times, continue to innovate, and try more designs suitable for the market. This is also the only way to maintain brand competitiveness.

Promote urban construction

The holding of the Yiwu Spoof ’s Underwear Show also helps the advancement of urban construction.By carrying out such activities, it not only increases the enthusiasm of consumers to buy goods, but also attracts tourists at home and abroad. At the same time, it also increases the potential of local awareness and sustainable development.

Promotion of industrial poverty alleviation

In addition, the erotic underwear industry has played a positive role in promoting the poverty alleviation of industrial poverty alleviation in the rural areas of Yiwu.The autonomous region government has also strengthened financial support for this to support the development of the sexy underwear industry.

The sex underwear exhibition highlights the power of the small commodity market and shows people the new future of this vibrant and achievement industry.In the future development, the small commodity market will continue to break through the traditional boundaries, show more charming appearance, and become a new model of economy.

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