Why is there a hole in sex underwear?

Background introduction

In some sexy underwear, we will find some small holes in design. I believe many people will wonder why this is.Today, let’s discuss with you why there is a hole in sexy underwear.


The small hole in the sexy underwear is sometimes to increase ventilation and breathability.Because sexy and interesting underwear often close to the skin. When the weather is hot, this close contact can make people feel sultry and breathable, and the design of small holes can increase air circulation and reduce humid discomfort.

Increase charm

On the other hand, the design of small holes can also enhance the sexy charm of sexy underwear.Sexy underwear has always been an indispensable part of women’s dressing. The design of small holes will make underwear more seductive and charming, creating a more attractive curve.Moreover, some sexy underwear will also create a variety of emotional atmosphere through different holes, such as skin -skinned holes, beauty points, etc., which increases the mystery of sexy underwear.

Fancy coquettish

In addition to the above two aspects, the design of small holes also plays an important role in sexual life.The sexy underwear design like a Dutch girl, set up a small hole in the panties, allows women to become shy and seductive under normal wear.This sexy underwear can meet some special sexual needs and increase the fun of sex.

Improve sexual interest

The small hole design in the sexy underwear can also bring some fun fun and improve sexual fun.The fun underwear brands that can play, such as MJ sex underwear and Fever sexy underwear, will design various tricks in sexy holes, even patterns such as small animals and small machinery, bringing people a different sexual experience.

Show sexy character

Women often show their sexy and personality through sexy underwear.The design of small holes can reflect the exotic and mysterious atmosphere under the appearance of women’s sexy appearance, showing their character.For example, some sexy underwear that focuses on the sexy style of the West often designed small holes in the chest and hems to display sexy collarbone and slender beautiful legs, making the wearer look more sexy, healthy, and vigorous.

Brand characteristics

The cave design in sexy underwear will also become a characteristic of the brand.For example, brands such as AUBADE, Agent Provocateur have their own characteristics and styles in terms of sexy underwear design. The small hole design is a feature.The brand regards the design of small holes as one of the iconic elements of the brand, and this design has also become one of the important features of the brand.

Stimulating visual sense

Of course, the design of small holes will also bring irritating visual sensory experience visually.Sometimes, the holes behind the black bra, or the holes in the red perspective corset, and even the holes in the meat color halo, can be visually excited and unusual.

in conclusion

In general, there are many reasons why there are holes in erotic underwear.Whether it is to increase breathability, enhance charm, increase coquettishness, enhance fun, and show character, it becomes brand characteristics. The design of small holes can make sexy underwear more attractive from all aspects.The visual and psychological stimulus it brings will also enrich our interesting life.

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