Why do I need to be thongs?


Interest underwear has always been one of the products that modern women are buying.Not only can they stimulate sexual desire, but they also add more charm and confidence.Among the many erotic underwear, thongs are one of the most popular styles.

What is thong?

Thong pants are a kind of female underwear with outstanding standards.It is called the cause of thongs that is similar to that of the letter "T", mainly consisting of one belt and two pull strips.

History of thong

The thong originated in Brazil in the 1950s.At that time, the golden coast of Brazil attracted people’s attention, and many Brazilian girls wore thong on the beach.Before 2000, thongs were mainly popular on the beach of Brazil, but later it became popular elsewhere.

Why do I have thongs in sex underwear?

The reason why thongs are popular in sexy underwear is that it can highlight women’s hips and make women more sexy and exciting.At the same time, the design of thong can prevent the pants from being too tight, so that there are marks there.

Types of thong

Today, there are many types of thongs on the market.Some of the most popular types include thongs, T -shaped pants, camisole T -shaped pants, decorative T -shaped pants, flat waist triangle pants and high -waisted thong pants.

How to choose thong

It is very important to choose the right thong.There are some key factors, such as the shape and size of the bottom, its color, fabric and style.When choosing, you should buy the size, style and color of your own.

How to wear thong

It is simple to wear thongs, but because it is considered a sexy and exposed underwear, we must pay attention to the occasion of wearing.It is best to wear it at all times, private parties, romantic moments and sexual activities of two people.

How to care

Because thongs are usually made of fine fabrics, it is important to care for it.It is recommended to clean and care in accordance with the instructions on the label.Especially for lace, silk and other fabrics, you need to use warm water to wash gently. Do not use hot water or dryer to avoid damaging the fabric.

Applicable object of thong

Through pants are suitable for any woman, as long as they want to feel more sexy, confident and charm.Whether it is young girls, older women, thin or hot curves, thongs can meet their needs.

in conclusion

In short, thong is one of the essential styles of sexy underwear.It not only makes women feel sexy, confident and more beautiful, but also enhance sexual desire and increase their sexual interest.When buying and wearing thongs, make sure it is suitable and meets your taste and needs.Let thongs play its advantages and functions in your life.

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