Why do boyfriends buy sexy underwear?

Why do boyfriends buy sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special costume that can increase the taste of husband and wife and enhance sexual experience.Although many people think that sexy underwear is a patent of women, more and more men also start to pay attention to the use of sexy underwear.So why do boyfriends buy sexy underwear?The following will be explained from multiple aspects.

Increase sex experience

Sex experience is one of the main functions of sexy underwear, and men also pay great attention to the quality of sex.By wearing sexual relationship fun underwear, stimulation is increased in visual, hearing, smell and touch, thereby making sex more exciting and interesting.For example, sexy underwear with back -back or perspective can make the figure more beautiful, and the dressing of students, nurses, and other dressing can also meet different sexual fantasies of men.These can increase the passion and intimacy between husband and wife.

Meet her needs

Some men buy sexy underwear to meet the needs of women.They may receive the stimulus or requirements of women, or hope to increase each other’s sexual interests in this way.In fact, this behavior is very helpful, because it can strengthen the interaction and communication between husband and wife, thereby increasing the sense of trust and intimacy between each other.

Restore the passion of love period

Interest underwear can bring freshness and excitement, which is similar to the passion of love.Therefore, it is also regarded as a way to restore love during love.Many times, when the relationship between husband and wife falls into a bottleneck or is monotonous, wearing sexy underwear may be the best way to wake up the passion during the early love period.

Enhanced husband and wife exchanges

For some men, buying and sexy underwear is a way to enhance communication and exchanges between the two sides. This can interact with their girlfriends to share each other’s ideas and emotions.This method allows men to pay more attention to their girlfriends’ sexual needs and hobbies, and at the same time help their girlfriends to discover potential sexual fantasies.

Increase men’s self -satisfaction and self -confidence

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear can also increase their self -satisfaction and self -confidence.Wearing a sexy underwear that makes you excited can mobilize his sexy charm, and at the same time, he can also show his sexy and confidence in front of your lover.

Improve male sex skills

Men can improve their sex skills by buying some functional sexy underwear.For example, some sexy underwear with vibration, stress and friction can help men better master sexual skills and improve the effects and depth of irritation.

Increase the stimulus of change

Men’s purchase of sexy underwear can also increase the stimulus of change.For husbands and wives, there is no change in the process of sex that can lead to monotonous and boring, so choosing different sexy underwear can increase changes in sexual life.Therefore, better meet the needs of both parties.

Increase interest and entertainment

Interest underwear can increase the fun and entertainment between husband and wife, so that the two sides can feel more fun in sex.This method can not only bring joy, but also better promote the intimate feelings of both parties.

Appropriate gifts and surprises

Finally, sexy underwear can be regarded as a appropriate gift and surprise.On the birthday, Valentine’s Day, and other important days, her boyfriend can give her lovers an unexpected surprise through the way of gifts, so that her girlfriend experience has never been experienced.


Therefore, buying sexy underwear is a good way to improve interest, increase sexual experience and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.When buying sexy underwear, men need to consider their needs and girlfriends, and choose different styles and styles according to their needs.

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