Who is the female protagonist of sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that attracts male eyeballs, but which kind of underwear is the heroine of sexy underwear?Let’s discuss together.

Sexy set, representative of sexy underwear

To talk about the heroine of the sexy underwear, it must be a sexy suit.It is composed of bra, underwear, and sling, exposing the sexy parts of women, making men’s imagination open, and imagine what women who wear such costumes.

Stomatopop was unique

The design of the bellyband originated from some ancient culture, such as Chinese Han culture and Japanese geisha culture.It is especially suitable for celebrations, rituals and dance.Today, it is gradually regarded as a sexy underwear, providing women with a chic and interesting choice for women.

Hollow bikini, funny sexy underwear

Hollow Bikini is one of the most popular sexy underwear today.Because it exposes part of the female chest and hip area, it is covered with only strips and lace, which makes people imagine more space.Moreover, many hollow Bikini design is very interesting, with decorations such as pressure flowers and beads, making women’s sexy underwear more interesting.

Chest stickers, small and exquisite sexy underwear

The chest sticker is more compact than other sexy underwear. It can usually only cover the nipples, making women’s chests more sexy and more funny.Due to its simple design, the use of breast stickers can make women obtain a certain cover when using traditional underwear, and at the same time show the sexy of women.

Fish net socks, passionate sexy underwear

Fish net socks are an important branch of sexy underwear, and they are particularly sexy due to its penetrating grid.Fish net socks usually only expose the hips and thighs, and at the same time can be designed with accessories such as pier to increase sexy.

Open crotch underwear, interesting erotic underwear design

Women wear open crotch panties is a very interesting underwear choice. The semantics makes you can’t help but want to enter the wrong.Open crotch underwear is generally made of functional zipper or embroidery.In addition to sexy, it also has practical value, enabling women to easily solve the problem of "going to the toilet" when needed.

Lace tight dress, create the most sexy sexy underwear

Lace tight dress is a classic style of sexy underwear.Its design structure is tight, and the personal lines show the body’s body curve, and it is also a sexy and beautiful clothing of women.

Stockings beautiful legs and socks, sexy and elegant sexy underwear

The beautiful legs of stockings have always been the perfect item of women showing fashion and elegance. Women who like to wear high heels show noble and confident. It is a comprehensive sexy.

Falling underwear female protagonist, look at yourself all

The sexy underwear does not have a clear heroine, not everyone is suitable for wearing the same underwear. The underwear described here is traditional and classic sexy underwear. Of course, personalized sexy underwear is also a very good choice.Therefore, please choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your body and personality, so that you and your other half are sweet and interesting nights.


Interest underwear is a dress that allows women to show their sexy and charm. It can not only increase interest to sexual life, but also make the relationship between the two people closer.In the process of choosing and matching, please pay attention to your temperament and personality, and be sexy and confident in order to become the most beautiful sexual underwear heroine.

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