Where is the Japanese sexy underwear shop?

Types of Japanese sex lingerie stores

There are various sexy underwear shops in Japan.From the conventional style to the unconventional style, from valuable luxury brands to affordable brands with affordable prices.The following are the main types of sexy underwear stores:

Ueno and Harajuku: Fun underwear business district

Ueno and Harajuku are the two main interesting underwear business districts in Tokyo.There are a lot of sexy underwear stores in these two places, and some shops are very distinctive: designer shops, luxury brand stores, and cheap brand stores that everyone can afford.

Japanese attitude towards sexy underwear

In Japan, people usually keep in an open attitude towards sexy underwear.Although sexy underwear refers to sexy underwear, it is generally not considered vulgar or vulgar.On the contrary, fun underwear is regarded as a way to express femininity and sexy.

Features of sexy underwear design

The design of Japanese sex underwear usually has a unique feature of dramatic and visual effects.In addition, Japanese sexy underwear designers will also use a variety of fabrics, accessories, patterns and colors to create unique and sexy underwear.

Types of sexy underwear accessories

Accessories are an important part of sexy underwear.The accessories sold in Japan’s sexy underwear stores include a variety of stockings, gloves, wigs, accessories, and other more interesting props that make underwear more interesting.

Recommend Japanese sexy underwear brand

The following brand is Japan’s most popular sexy lingerie brand:


Peach John


Gelato Pique

How to buy Japanese sexy underwear?

You can buy Japanese sexy underwear through the following ways:

Buy from brand store or sexy underwear store

Buy from the brand’s official website

Buy in major shopping malls or department stores in Japan

Buy through Japanese sex lingerie website

The development trend of Japanese sex lingerie industry

With the continuous innovation of technology and design, the trend of the Japanese sex lingerie industry is developing in a more interactive and more personalized direction.In the future, we can look forward to more VR and AR applications, more personalized customization services, and more ingenious design.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not limited to bed games.They can be used for many occasions, such as party, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or any place you want to create a lively atmosphere.

my point of view

Japan’s sexy underwear is not only a kind of underwear, but also a culture and attitude.They represent the attention and expression of women’s charm and sexy.Although in some cultures, sexy underwear may be regarded as vulgar or unpopular, but in Japan, they are regarded as a kind of beauty and elegance, as a self -confidence of women.Buying Japanese sexy underwear is a way to enjoy this culture, and it is usually a physical enjoyment.If you are interested, let’s find out to see if this underwear is suitable for your body and personality.

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