Where is Jingdong Ancient Intellectual Underwear Shop?


Where is Jingdong Ancient Intellectual Underwear Shop?

JD.com is currently one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China. It has a huge commodity inventory and high -quality services. It can be said to be one of the first choice for consumers.Recently, JD.com has also continuously expanded its business scope, and has launched ancient outfit and sexy underwear in the "sexual survival supplies" sector, which is highly sought after by the public.So, where is the JD ancient costume underwear store?Next, we will introduce you in detail.

1. Search on Jingdong Mall

The most intuitive way to buy JD.com’s sexy underwear is to search on Jingdong Mall.In the search box on the homepage of Jingdong Mall, entering "Temple Funwear", there will be various products, including JD.com’s independent costume sexy underwear shops.

2. Entering Jingdong Infusion Underwear Zone

In addition to searching, Jingdong also provides a special sexy underwear area.On the JD Mall webpage, click the "Sex Underwear" button on the top to enter.

3. Browse Jingdong Instead underwear headlines

In the JD.com sex lingerie area page, you can not only browse all the sexy underwear products, but also get the latest sexy underwear headlines.JD.com’s Funwear Headbar area provides information on the frontiers of sexy underwear, bringing you more choices and inspiration.

4. Select product classification search

In Jingdong sex underwear zone, you can find the costume sexy underwear you want according to different product classifications.For example: look for different categories such as brands, materials, styles, prices, accessories, etc.

5. Search for brand stores

In Jingdong’s sexy underwear area, you can also search for different brands of shops.For example, if you want to buy the "Fantasy Dream Girl" brand’s costume sexy underwear, you only need to enter the "Fantasy Girl" in the search box, and the corresponding shop will be displayed.

6. Add a shopping cart

After you find your favorite costumes and sexy underwear products, you only need to click the product picture to enter the product details page, and then click the "Add to the Shopping Car" button to add the product to the shopping cart.

7. Confirm the order

In the shopping cart, you can check, modify, and delete the products you add.After confirming that it is correct, just click "Removal" to jump to the order settlement page. After entering the personal information such as the receiving address, click "Submit the Order" to complete the purchase.

8. Query order information

After you complete your purchase, you can check your order information on the "My Order" page.Including order numbers, order amounts, order status, delivery information, etc.If you need to check the logistics information, you can also click the "View Logistics" button.

9. Return and exchange policy

Jingdong Mall provides consumers with a complete after -sales service system.If you have a problem with the ancient costumes you have received, you can return and exchange according to the return and exchange policy.At the same time, you can also apply for returns in the order details page.

10. Viewpoint

Jingdong Mall provides a variety of convenient and fast purchases, and also has safe and reliable after -sales protection.Therefore, for the purchase of costume underwear, Jingdong Mall is the best choice.In addition, JD has a variety of costumes and lingerie styles and high cost performance. It is recommended that everyone go to JD.

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