Where is GTA5 sexy underwear shop?


GTA5 is a popular open world game. In the game, you can explore and play in the city.In addition to some main tasks, there are many interesting small tasks and activities in the game, one of which is shopping in a sexy underwear shop.In this article, we will introduce where the sexy underwear shops in GTA5 are.

Step 1: Open the map

In the game, opening the map is the key to finding a sexy lingerie store.Press the "Select" key on the game handle or keyboard.

Step 2: Find the shopping mark

On the map, you can see different marks and icons.To find a sexy underworld on the map, you need to find a shopping mark.Shopping marks are usually a combination of drawings and some shopping bags.

Step 3: Find a sexy underwear shop

After finding the shopping symbol, you need to zoom in the map and find a sexy underwear shop located next to the shopping mark.The icon of a sexy underwear shop is usually the outline of a pair of women.

Step 4: Shopping

After entering the sex lingerie store, you can browse the different styles, colors and size sexy underwear in the shop.You can add them to your shopping cart or buy it immediately.

Step 5: Complete shopping

After completing shopping, you can use the cash or credit card payment in the store.You can also send your purchase items to your residence.

Step 6: Special Tips

Please note that if you try to steal it in a sexy underwear shop, security guards will hunt you.When shopping, make sure to pay any items and leave the store.

Step 7: Virtual reality

The virtual reality of GTA5 makes the shopping experience more realistic.You can use the game handle or keyboard to browse different items and simulate the process of trying to penetrate clothing in the test room.

Step 8: Get achievement

In GTA5, shopping is also a achievement.When your purchase amount reaches a certain amount, you will get GTA5 shopping achievements.


In GTA5, sexy underwear shop is an interesting shopping place.You can find sexy underwear with different styles, sizes and colors.When shopping, please pay attention to paying any items and leave the store.The virtual reality of GTA5 makes shopping more realistic, and it can also be achieved by buying a certain amount of items.

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