Where does sex underwear general?

Where does sex underwear general?

Interest underwear is a means to enhance the emotional and sexual life of husband and wife.Some people will appreciate themselves alone, and some people will show their body in front of their partners and put on sex underwear. It is a beautiful expression and physical display.So where is the general sex underwear?Let’s analyze it.

1. chest area

The design of sexy underwear is different from general underwear, and it will focus on highlighting the body curve and sexy style.The chest is an important part of the female body, so most of the sexy underwear design pays attention to the presence of the chest, exaggerating the shape and line feeling.

Second, hip area

The hips are also a highlight of women’s bodies.The design of many erotic underwear focuses on the parcels and sculptures of the hips, which highlights the perfect body curve.

Third, waist area

The waist is the center of gravity of the body. In order to make the body more perfect, many sexy underwear design will be treated targeted at the waist to make the waist more slender and more delicate.

Fourth, the front of the body

The design of sexy underwear often focuses on highlighting the curve and lines of the body, especially the front of the body.The design of some sexy underwear will show some unique colors and styles, making people shine.

5. Back areas

Back is a area where the human body is more difficult to exercise, and it is often ignored.However, many erotic underwear design will take into account this, so that the back has a certain visual beauty.

Six, arm area

Although the arm is only part of the female body, it will also be considered in the design of sexy underwear.For example, designing some straps or gloves to make the arm more beautiful.

Seven, leg area

The legs are one of the important parts of the body. In order to make the leg lines smoother, the sexy underwear design also pays attention to the display of the legs. High socks or mini skirts are often used to highlight the beauty of the legs.

Eight, neck area

The neck is also one of the important parts of women’s bodies. Some sexy underwear design uses high -necked lines to highlight the aesthetics of women’s neck lines.

Nine, earrings, necklace, etc.

Some erotic underwear design will focus on various combinations, such as earrings, necklaces, etc., making the entire female image more perfect.

Ten, hair and makeup

Hair and makeup are also very important parts of sexy underwear.Many women will use various hairstyles and makeup to highlight their sexy charm.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is not just a specific part of a certain part, it is more of an inner expression and self -confidence.The selection of sexy underwear is based on personal characteristics and preferences to show personal sexy charm, and at the same time pay attention to the comfort of wearing.

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