Where did you buy your sexy underwear?

Where did you buy your sexy underwear?

Part 1: Online platform

Like other products, sexy underwear can also be purchased online.Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com have special sexy underwear shops.These shops have different styles of sexy underwear, and their prices are very cheap.

Part 2: Fun Lingerie Shop physical store

The physical store of sexy underwear stores may be more grounded, and customers can more intuitively solve the material and quality of love underwear.In addition, the clerk will also provide professional opinions and suggestions, which is more conducive to buying.

Part 3: Brand Direct Store

Major underwear brands have also begun to produce sexy underwear.The sexy underwear shops of these brands are generally located in large shopping malls or streets, and their design styles and quality are very outstanding.

Part 4: Overseas Purchasing Website

Some overseas purchasing websites also sell sexy underwear.The styles and quality of these sexy underwear are also very high.In addition, sexy underwear in overseas markets is more bold and sexy, and can meet the needs of some young people.

Part 5: Customization

For those who are very confident in their own taste, ordering sexy underwear is also a choice.However, it should be noted that the price of making sexy underwear will be higher, and it takes a certain time to wait for production.

Part 6: Recommended by friends

Friends who often share with you may have more sexy underwear buying experience.If you think the taste of a friend is similar to himself, you can consider listening to their purchase suggestions and buying the same style.

Part 7: Forum Community

Some forum communities will have fun on underwear purchases, and many buyers will share their purchase experience and feelings in the post.

Part 8: Second -hand market

If you want to try some high -quality, rare -style sexy underwear, you can consider buying in the second -hand market.However, it should be noted that you need to choose a reliable trading platform to avoid being deceived.

Part 9: Small Store

Although some small independent erotic lingerie shops are not very large, they are very distinctive.These shops often introduce some rare or unique sexy underwear, which is very suitable for those who want to have a unique taste.

Part 10: Personal Design

If you have a certain design ability and handmade skills, you can consider designing and making sexy underwear yourself.Such sexy underwear is not only unique, but also fully matches its own taste.


All in all, when buying sexy underwear, you need to combine your own situation and preferences to buy.There are various choices in the market. As long as you know how to choose, you can buy a sexy underwear that suits you.And every purchase can bring more experience and fun.

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