What should I do if I was arrested for being caught in sexy underwear ads?

Preparation before sex underwear advertisement shooting

Falling sex underwear advertisements not only need to find suitable shooting venues and models, but also to ensure that shooting is in accordance with laws and regulations.Before formal shooting, it is necessary to communicate with the local police and the land management agency to obtain corresponding approval and licenses.In addition, in order to ensure the legal compliance of advertising, the types, quantities and properties of sexy underwear appearing in the advertisement need to avoid any illegal content.

Comply with relevant laws and regulations

When shooting sexy underwear advertisements, it is necessary to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, such as the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" and "Internet Information Service Management Measures" that prohibit the occurrence of pornographic or obscene content.At the same time, carefully study laws and regulations before shooting advertisements to ensure that advertisements meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Pay attention to the protection of models

When shooting sexy underwear advertisements, you need to ensure that the model and portrait right of the model are protected.The scope of shooting and use should be indicated in the contract, and written authorization of the model should be obtained.At the same time, when shooting, the model’s privacy should be properly protected to avoid excessive exposure or embarrassing scenes to ensure the dignity and rights of the model.

Pay attention to the control of advertising content

Advertising content is an important part of shooting sexy underwear advertisements.The sexy lingerie styles, quantities, scenes, and themes that appear in the advertisement need to be reviewed and controlled.The content appearing in the advertisement not only needs to be visually beautiful and attractive, but also to ensure that there are no content with illegal, pornography or vulgar tendencies.

There is risk of illegal shooting

Shooting sex underwear advertisements involves many problems such as law and morality.Once illegal or improper content occurs, it will not only seriously damage the brand image, but also lead to unnecessary legal disputes and potential business risks.Therefore, illegal shooting sexy underwear advertisements are very unparalleled.

What to do in the face of being arrested

If it is captured by the local police when shooting sexy underwear advertisements, you need to calm down.When asked about the question, answer truthfully and actively cooperate with the investigation by the relevant departments.You need to take the initiative to contact the brand and the lawyer to seek help and handling the plan.

Prepare to deal with the crisis

When shooting sexy underwear advertisements, you need to prepare for the crisis.When major events occur, timely measures need to be taken, including issuing public statements, dispatching special personnel to the scene to deal with, etc., and actively respond to the crisis.At the same time, it is also necessary to establish a sound crisis response mechanism in order to quickly respond and deal with it at the time of crisis.

Guide consumers correctly

Although sexy underwear advertisements attract attention, there are also risks of misleading consumers.Therefore, it is necessary to accurately transmit product information in advertising and avoid any misleading.At the same time, while publishing advertisements, we must also strengthen the guidance of consumers, so that it can correctly understand the use of the product and efficacy of the product, and avoid any improper use or misunderstanding.

Accurately grasp the audience

The audience of sexy underwear advertisements is often special, including adults and husbands and wives.Therefore, when shooting advertisements, you need to accurately grasp the needs and psychology of the audience in order to better convey product information and value.At the same time, it is necessary to choose the right media and channels when publishing advertisements in order to reach the target audience more accurately.

Follow consumer feedback and opinions

Interest underwear advertisements are an important part of brand promotion. Consumers’ feedback and opinions are very important for advertising effects and brand image.Therefore, after publishing advertisements, you need to pay attention to the feedback and opinions of consumers in time, and make corresponding adjustments and improvements in a timely manner.Only by continuously improving product quality and meeting consumer needs can the brand develop for a long time.


To shoot sexy underwear advertisements, we need to comply with laws and regulations, protect model rights, grasp the content of advertising, accurately locate the audience, and pay attention to consumer feedback and opinions.Only by ensuring the legal compliance and good results of advertising can the brand develop for a long time.

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