What is the name brand of Japanese sex lingerie?

What is good for Japanese sex lingerie?

Japanese sex culture can be said to be one of the most mature and popular sex culture in the world, so Japanese sexy underwear has also attracted much attention globally.So, which brands are the best in Japanese sexy underwear?Next will bring you a detailed introduction and evaluation.

1. tatras

Tatras is one of the most well -known brands in Japanese sexy underwear, known for its unique design and excellent quality.Its products focus on comfort and texture, and have a variety of cute and fun underwear sold in the world and Hong Kong.


VECUA HONEY is also highly respected in the field of Japanese sexy underwear.Its underwear is rich in style and can meet different needs.Most underwear is lively and cute, especially suitable for young women.In addition, VECUA HONEY’s products are usually more economical and suitable for price -sensitive customers.

3. ravijour

Ravijour is one of the brands that fascinate women.Its style is unique, focusing on design and detail control, and also pays great attention to women’s physical aesthetics.Ravijour’s underwear style contains women’s softness and sexy, deeply rooted in people’s hearts.


ETAM is a relatively high -end Japanese sexy underwear brand. Its self -contained style and selection details have won the trust of consumers.ETAM provides women with a variety of styles and colors, and is one of the brands worth trying on.

5. Amo’s style

Amo’s Style has become the leader in the sex underwear market with its approachable prices and diverse styles.AMO’s style is an excellent choice for consumers who like to try new styles and economically affordable.

6. Shinosuke Shinzi Katoh

Shinoshi’s Shinzi Katoh incorporates cute and childish elements into the design of sexy underwear, and its unique style has won the favor of countless young consumers for the brand.Shinosuke Shinzi Kato’s products usually pay great attention to details, creating cute brand characteristics.

7. Wacoal

Wacoal is one of the old brands in the Japanese sex lingerie market, known for its sexy and comfortable.Its products, especially the design of underwear and bra, have superb skills.Wacoal is often boarded in fashion magazines and is a very eye -catching brand.

8. Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart’s sexy underwear was personally designed by well -known designer Jill Stuart.Most of their brands of underwear are filled with ladylike style, ingenious, and often attract the attention of the fashion industry.The design of Jill Stuart underwear is inspired by her passion for clothing, beauty and jewelry, and create a unique dress experience for customers.

9. Honey Mi Honey

The design concept of the Honey Mi Honey brand is "bringing the best experience to every woman."The style of its products is fashionable and sexy, and its underwear also pays great attention to comfort.Therefore, Honey Mi Honey has become one of the very popular brands in Japanese sexy underwear with high quality and good reputation.

10. Peach John

PEACH JOHN is one of the most widely sold brands in Japan’s sexy underwear.Its product is very practical and can meet the needs of women’s various occasions.PEACH JOHN underwear materials are high -quality, and underwear styles are fashionable and simple, it is easy to match your ideal social image.


The above is the Japanese sexy underwear brand we introduce to you.As the era of World Unicom, the gorgeous competition of the sexy lingerie brands in various countries allows us to enjoy the fun of purchasing fun underwear.The above brands not only have comfortable quality assurance, but also have unique fashion elements, and pay attention to women’s physical aesthetics. These brands of underwear are definitely worthy of any women’s investment.

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