What is the head for shooting underwear?

What is like to take sex underwear?

If you are a sexy underwear model or photographer, then you will definitely face such a question: What is like to take sex underwear?Different like heads will affect the shooting effect, so how to choose the right image?Next, we will answer these questions one by one.

1. Environmental factors

Before choosing a shooting camera, environmental factors need to be considered.First of all, you must consider light. It is best to use soft natural light when shooting sexy underwear, so that the color of the photo can be more vivid and clearer.Secondly, consider shooting venues, and choose different lens types according to the size and layout of the venue.

2. Suitable for shooting erotic underwear

The most commonly used in sex underwear shooting is the standard zoom lens, mid -telephoto lens and telephoto lens.Among them, standard zoom lens is the most common one, suitable for taking photos of the whole body and half -body sexy underwear.Mid -telephoto lens and telephoto lens are suitable for taking close -up details.

3. Standard zoom lens

The focal length of the standard zoom lens is usually between 24mm and 70mm, which is the most commonly used lens in sex underwear shooting.This lens is suitable for taking the whole body and half -body photos, which can capture the overall effect of sexy underwear.

4. Middle long focus lens

The focal length of the mid -telephoto lens is usually between 70mm and 135mm. It is suitable for taking close -up details, such as shooting lace and lace on sexy underwear.

5. telephoto lens

The focal length of the telephoto lens is usually above 135mm. It is suitable for shooting some more detailed sexy underwear, which can capture more subtle changes.

6. Automatic focusing and manual focus

When shooting sex underwear, it is generally possible to use automatic focus and manual focusing.The automatic focus speed is fast, suitable for photos of sexy underwear in sports, and manual focus can control the focal length more accurately.

7. Relating lens and fixed focus lens

In the process of shooting sexy underwear, you can choose to use a zoom lens or a fixed focus lens.The zoom lens has greater flexibility and a variety of wide -angle, which can quickly convert different focal points. The focal length of the fixed focus lens is fixed, and more movement is required to achieve different focus.

8. Full amplitude and degradation

The size of the full finger is the same size of the sensor as the 35mm negatives, and the transfers means that the sensor is smaller than the 35mm negative.The full range can capture more details and higher picture quality, so it is recommended to use full -frame lenses when shooting sexy underwear.

9. aperture and depth of field

The aperture determines the brightness and depth of the photo, and it is also an important factor that needs to be considered when shooting sexy underwear.Larger aperture can make sexy underwear more prominent, while smaller aperture can capture more details.

10. Summary

When choosing an image of a sexy underwear, you need to choose from the actual environment.At the same time, it is necessary to consider the focal length, autofocus and manual focusing, zoom lens and fixed focus lens, full -range and file reduction, so that they can take better sexy underwear photos.

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