What did you experience playing with sex underwear?

Feel the initial experience of playing sexy underwear

When I bought a sexy underwear for the first time, I felt very nervous.I am worried that I will not choose the right size and style, and they will not be suitable for my body shape.When I tried it on, everything became interesting.These underwear make me feel more confident and sexy, not as low as people.

I found different types of sexy underwear

In my exploration, I found many different types of sexy underwear.Some are simple black lace, some are irritating conjoined underwear, some are mini skirt underwear, and even some styles are designed based on role -playing.It is important to choose a type that suits you because it can strengthen your sexual fantasy.

Importance of size

Size is a very important consideration when choosing sexy underwear.Choosing a large size will make the underwear not so closely to the body, and the small size will make the underwear too nervous, resulting in discomfort and destroying the overall visual effect.Therefore, when choosing fun underwear, choose according to your actual body size.

Different colors of underwear

Color is one of the important part of sexy underwear.Choosing the right color can adapt to your mood and occasions.Black is the most common and popular color, because it can make people look more sexy and mysterious; pink and red are more suitable for romantic and passionate scenes.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is very important because it directly affects the feeling and comfort of wearing.Some commonly used materials include lace, silk, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.Different materials feel very different, so you need to choose according to your preferences and needs.

How to maintain sexy underwear

It is very important for the maintenance of sexy underwear.Especially some special materials and designs.You need to clean the underwear and use the cleaning agent to clean it.The suspender and lace need to be specially treated to avoid unnecessary damage.

Falling underwear prices

The price of sexy underwear ranges from several dollars to hundreds of dollars.More expensive materials and designers’ design are the main factor that determines the price of underwear.The main reason for buying sexy underwear is to increase self -confidence, increase charm and create more fun.Therefore, you need to balance between quality and price.

Enjoy fun underwear fun

The best part is to enjoy the fun of playing with sexy underwear.It can bring many benefits, such as enhancing your self -confidence, improving your sexual life, and increasing the intimacy between you and your partner.When you wear a sexy underwear you like, you will feel charm, which is a very special feeling.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is a good way to increase charm, self -confidence, and increase the intimacy between couples.Choose the type, color and size that suits you, and pay attention to the materials and maintenance methods, and you can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.

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