What about sexy underwear? Video

What about sexy underwear? Video

Interest underwear is a must -have for enhancing fun and sexual interest.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can release people’s inner desires and add interest to sexual life.In the process of sexy underwear, many people often make small mistakes.Today we will introduce the correct ways of wearing and ridiculousness of sexy underwear and some tips to make you easier to enjoy the joy of sexy underwear.

1. Play the buckle

In the process of passing off the sex underwear, physics fans often find that buttons are a big problem.On one side, you need to unbutton the buttons to remove the sexy underwear, and on the other hand, you want to change the sexy underwear quickly.In fact, we provide a simple trick for common metal buttons or plastic buttons.First, you should find both ends of the buttons.Then, clamp the upper and lower ends of the buttons, and pull it on both sides until the buttons separate.Of course, there are great differences in different models and materials for buttons. Therefore, you should determine the type of buttons before you wear it and find the corresponding removed technique.

2. Wear and removes strip

There are many details on sexy underwear, one of which is the belt.How to wear a strap with a spoil underwear?First, you should ensure that all the buckles are loosened.Then, the coat belt, after determining the comfort, start tightening.Finally, if necessary, you can tighten the buckle again to ensure the stability and comfort of the belt.

3. Wear underwear

Underwear is also a necessary part of sexy underwear, but some people may have difficulties when wearing underwear.This is because underwear is generally tight, it is difficult to wear and uncomfortable.If you also encounter this problem, you can take the following method to solve: First, put the panties neatly, and then slowly extend your legs in.Note that excessive force will cause panties to tear, so please be careful.When you put on your underwear, you can adjust the position to ensure comfort and stability.

4. Wear and take off stockings

Stockings are stylish and sexy representatives. In the eyes of many people, it is an indispensable equipment in sexy underwear.However, wearing and taking off stockings also have skills.First, put the stockings neatly on your hands.Then, slowly put your feet into the stockings. Once you wear it, you can adjust the position.When you need to take off your stockings, you can gently grab the top and continue to slide until the stockings take off.

5. Put off a bra

The bra is an important part of any underwear.The bras in sexy underwear are more sexy, gorgeous, creative and tempting.Pay attention to the following points when wearing off bras: First, hang up the bra and smoke your clothes bandwidth with both hands.Then, tie your right side belt with your right hand first, and then use your left hand to tie your left side belt.If you need to remove the bra, you can do the opposite steps, first unbutton the left side of the left side and then unbutton the right strap.

6. Put and take off pantyhose

Pantyhose is a very sexy and charming sexy underwear, and it is a clothing that everyone must miss.The charm of pantyhose is that they can easily reveal the sexy of women.When wearing a pantyhose, the following steps are required: First, set the pantyhose, and then stretch the index finger and thumb into the sock head, pinch the feet, and put on the pantyhose smoothly.If you need to take off pantyhose, you can pull down slowly, be careful not to pull the socks.

7. Putting off chest stickers

Breast paste is a sexy and fashionable sexy underwear, which can easily emphasize the curve and body shape of women.The chest paste is a relatively small item, and it also requires some tips when wearing and taking off: First, clean the chest with a wet towel to ensure that the chest is dry and comfortable.Then put the chest around the chest and gently press it gently.Finally, if you need to remove the chest sticker, you can gently wash it with warm water, and then tear off your chest slowly.

8. Wear and take off your body

Better clothes are the first choice of many women. It can tighten the body curve at once, so that women have a better body beauty.When wearing and taking off your body, you need to pay attention to the following steps: First, spread out the body clothes and slowly extend your legs from it.Then, put the body clothes to the chest, slowly pull it step by step to ensure that each part is appropriate.Finally, if you want to remove your body, you can slowly pick up from top to bottom to avoid damaging underwear.

personal opinion

In the process of wearing and off -wear underwear, in order to protect and extend the life of the underwear, please remember to follow the correct method and skills of penetration.At the same time, we should always be calm and patient, so that the sexy underwear will bring you joy and enjoyment.

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