Star sex lingerie HD picture Daquan

Star sex lingerie HD picture Daquan

Star sex lingerie HD picture Daquan

As a modern woman, elegant erotic underwear can not only improve their sexy charm, but also show their own style and taste.And stars are often representatives of fashion trends. Their dress style is guided. Therefore, let’s appreciate high -definition pictures of celebrities wearing sexual erotic underwear.

1. Lin Yuner

As a popular Korean artist, Lin Yuner is known for her purity, but she also has an amazing figure and good temperament.In sexy underwear, most of the styles she chose are mainly small and sharp lace and tap, and with a vibrant color, giving people a fresh and sweet feeling.

2. Fan Bingbing

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Fan Bingbing is a domestic front -line female star, and her figure has always attracted much attention.In sexy underwear, she often chooses a shirt -style top. The difference is that these tops are very sexy. Not only can she show her supermodel -like figure, but also brings different sexy temperaments.

3. Sun Yan

Sun Yan is a popular female star in China. She has an elegant temperament and different personal style.In sexy underwear, Sun Yan prefers to choose noble and elegant styles. With light silk texture like butterfly, with fresh flower patterns or simple lines, it shows the feminine side.

4. Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan is an actress in the United States and has been widely recognized with starring in "Female Spy".In sexy underwear, she often chooses a camisole -type top, which can not only show a sexy back, but also highlight the perfect collarbone lines and make her figure more perfect.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a classic female sexy representative. In her acting career, she often appears in sexy cheongsam, personal skirts and see -through clothes.Her stylish matching and dressed dressing style is still highly sought after.

6. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is a young American actress. She often appears in various fashion magazines and blockbusters, and often selects sexy sexy underwear shooting.She prefers to choose a set with lace decoration and underwear design, making her look full of sexy and charm.

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7. Wu Xin

Wu Xin is a well -known host in China. In variety shows, he has always attracted much attention with his sexy figure and bold charm style.In her sexy underwear, she often chooses more sexy styles, such as briefs, tight corsets, etc., to show her body advantage in the most direct way.

8. Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying is the fastest -growing actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. Her temperament comes with elegance and caters to fashion taste. However, in sexy underwear, Zhao Liying’s choice is more fresh and cute. She often chooses light and transparent underwear or lace with laceThe lace set makes people see her soft and pleasant heart.

9. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a sexy and full -scale American singer. In sexy underwear, she often chooses bold design and completely perspective style. Even the design of some underwear looks unreasonable, but it exudes a strong sexy atmosphere and makes people unforgettable.

10. Luo Zhixiang

When it comes to sexy underwear, there is also a non -ignorant character that is Luo Zhixiang.As a representative of the Chinese pop singing scene, Luo Zhixiang often wore sexy underwear in MV and concerts.His choices are mostly solid -colored pill underwear or bikini. With his vitality style, people are unable to stop.


The above are some choices and matches of stars in sexy underwear. From this we can see that sexy underwear can show a person’s different temperament and sexy charm. At the same timeThe style of the style shows his body beauty and sexy in the most natural way.