Spring medicine sexy underwear

Spring medicine sexy underwear

Spring Medicine Instead: Analysis of the new darling of the sex industry

Interest underwear is a modern sex utensils. The design is inspired by ergonomics, mainly to improve the body curve and create a sexy body shape.In the topic of sexy underwear, spring medicine sex lingerie has become a highly sought -after innovative product.So, what is the role of spring medicine, what is its role, and what safety hazards exist?

1. The meaning and use of spring medicine sexy underwear

Spring medicine erotic lingerie is a sexy underwear that adds drugs (or concentrated essence).After wearing, the drug penetrates into the skin and mucosal tissue to achieve the effect of stimulating nerves and enhancing sexual desire.Specifically, spring medicine erotic underwear can be applied in the following aspects:

Increase sexual sex and stimulus of sex

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Improve sexual vitality and sensitivity

Increasing sexual pleasure, especially for people with cold or erectile disorders

Help couples to gain more than "sex" and increase the emotion of love at the same time

Second, the types and materials of spring medicine sexy underwear

According to different design functions, spring medicine sexy underwear mainly includes the following types:

Human type: Add hormone drugs for strong stimulus needs

Attack type: Provide necessary lubricants for traditional love piston actions

Hundred deformation: provide a variety of medicinal effects, you can choose the drugs you need, such as peaches, flowers, camphor

Beauty type: rich in active ingredients, adsorb toxins in the body to highlight the sexy lines of body

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Xiangyan type: fusion plant extract, so that sexual desires make sweetness, nutrition, metabolic equilibrium, etc.

In terms of materials, spring medicine erotic underwear is the same as traditional sexy underwear materials. All of them are mainly fabrics, fibers, elasticity, etc., and penetrate the drugs through dyeing, spraying and other methods.

3. How to use spring medicine sexy underwear

The usage of spring medicine erotic underwear is slightly different from ordinary erotic underwear.Before use, you must apply the pill or ointment in front of the underwear to the upper and lower sides of the underwear or the lower part of the underwear, but do not directly apply it to the private part.Then put on the underwear on the body. At this time, the drugs in the underwear began to absorb through the skin to produce stimulation and strengthening sexual desire.

Fourth, the safety hazards in the use of spring medicine sex underwear

Spring medicine erotic underwear has hidden safety hazards compared to ordinary erotic underwear.On the one hand, the response of different human body may not be applicable.On the other hand, the purity and source of the pharmaceutical composition may be uncertain, and the situation of "mixing water" is particularly frequent.Therefore, when using spring medicine sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the following points:

Choose the products produced by regular manufacturers and use it correctly

Understand how to use underwear drugs and how to use it

Observe the instructions of the use, do not exceed the prescribed amount, & nbps; avoid continuous wear for a long time (it is recommended to have a intermittent time of 1 to 2 days per week so that the body metabolizes and recovers)

Do not try it at will for people who are taking drugs.

5. Does spring medicine erotic underwear have health effects?

While spring medicine erotic underwear, while stimulating and enhancing sexual desire, it also has a lot of health care, especially according to the different effects of the choice of drugs. For example, adding vacation grass in spring medicine erotic lingerie can help relieve physical and mental fatigue, achieve relaxation and comfortThe effect, in addition, has the effects of sterilization, disease prevention, and physical repair, which truly realizes the health state of "playing".

6. What do you need to pay attention to sexy underwear and multi -human sex in spring medicine?

The drugs in the scene of multi -human sex should pay attention to the following matters:

Choose less heterosexual drugs, and it is not suitable for sexual diseases, itching, allergies, pregnant women, lactating women

Multi -person use should ensure good ventilation and hygiene tools. Do not let the drugs apply it for a long time before waiting.

Seven, the relationship between spring medicine sex lingerie and medical needs

In addition to satisfying fun and fun, spring medicine erotic underwear is suitable for some sexual obstacles to solve traditional medical care, such as disturbing ejaculation and premature ejaculation, impotence and other problems.EssenceTherefore, on the one hand, spring medicine sexy underwear should pay special attention to medical research and sustainable quality control; on the other hand, relevant departments need to establish and improve relevant rules and regulations.

8. The effect of spring medicine sexy underwear on the relationship between couples

The design of Chunyao’s sexy underwear is designed to increase the interest of husband and wife life, thereby increasing the degree of common appreciation between couples, and more gratitude.At the same time, the spring medicine erotic underwear has increased the time to run in the process of sex by increasing sexual pleasure, etc., which helps enhance the feelings between husband and wife and create a healthy family life.Therefore, on the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday and other major days, if you want to win the romantic department of the opponent with emotional souvenirs, you may wish to choose the spring medicine erotic underwear.

Nine, spring medicine sexy underwear needs to be cautious or even avoided

Spring medicine erotic lingerie is not suitable for any situation. The following is a situation that needs to be cautious or even avoided:

Breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, breast cancer, ovarian cysts and other women’s diseases should not be used

Patients with diabetes, hypertension, etc.

People with allergies should not use irritating underwear

Patients such as wounds, redness pustules cannot be used.

10. Conclusion

Spring medicine erotic underwear has brought happiness and excitement to many people. At the same time, there are some security and health issues to pay attention to. When using, you must master the correct methods and deal with it carefully.After all, communication is even more critical.Under the premise of trusting, respect, and interest balance between the two sides, spring medicine sex lingerie is a loyal and powerful member of the partner and passion.