Sexy underwear sun balcony, okay?

Sexy underwear sun balcony, okay?

Why do you want to expose the balcony

Fun underwear, balcony, may be a strange thing for some people, but in fact it is necessary.After buying new sex underwear, it needs to disinfect the sun, and at the same time, the balcony can also remove the odor, sweat, and moldy flavor in the underwear.

Benefits of the balcony

There are many benefits to the balcony, and some important issues are listed below:


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Eliminate the odor

Reduce the number of laundry times

save time

How to disinfect sex underwear

Use sunlight to clean sexy underwear, kill bacteria and viruses.When sun exposure, just put the sexy underwear on the balcony and let it go with the sun infinitely.

How to eliminate odor

Sometimes it still has a odor even if washed underwear.If this happens, you can sprinkle some baking soda powder on the sexy underwear, and then expose it to the balcony.This can quickly overcome the odor.

How to expose white sex underwear

The white sex lingerie is best to expose in the sun around 12-2 o’clock in noon.At this time, the sun is the strongest, and it can quickly disinfect and bleach underwear.This method can effectively ensure the whiteness and hygiene of white sexy underwear.

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How to expose color and sexy underwear

Color sexy underwear cannot be exposed for too long like white erotic underwear, otherwise it will lose color.For colorful and sexy underwear, it is best to be placed indoors or in a shade.You can choose the noon sunlight to deal with it to avoid excessive fading.

How to avoid sexy underwear moisture

It is more difficult to expose the sexy underwear at night.Heating, moisture, mildew, etc. will affect sexy underwear.At this time, you can choose the bedside cabinet, wardrobe, ventilation room and wait for the rain after rainy days.

How to deal with sexy underwear and shrink

Interest underwear is easy to shrink, so it is best not to use hot water for washing.If the erotic underwear shrinks, you can try to stretch it slowly.Hang it in a cool place for a while, stretch it slowly, and finally restore the original state.

What kind of underwear should be used for the balcony

The time and methods of the sexy underwear of different materials are also different.For cotton textiles, when it is not under the sun, it can be dried in a cool place to avoid damage to cotton fiber.If it is silk or other soft and thick materials, the sun can be directly exposed in the afternoon.

It’s best not to disinfect with a microwave oven

Although the microwave oven can disinfect faster, this does not mean that it is a good way of disinfection, because the microwave oven may scorch or deform the sexy underwear.Moreover, the microwave oven cannot completely kill all bacteria and viruses, and the level of disinfection is not as good as the sun.


This method is really slower, but it is safe and reliable.It is an economical and environmentally friendly way of disinfection. Not only is the cleanliness, but the effect of eliminating odor is also great.It is strongly recommended to use this method to clean sex underwear to ensure that it keeps clean, hygienic and healthy for a long time.