Sexy underwear male servant

Sexy underwear male servant

1. Introduction to male male servants

Male servants, also known as male servants, are a kind of sexy and mighty sexy underwear.As the name suggests, male servants are a kind of underwear that imitates ancient British castles that resembles maid’s clothing. It is designed as a special underwear suitable for men to wear.

2. Model classification

Male servants can be divided into multiple models, including male root types, company types, teddy types, etc.The sexy and characteristics of each model are different.

3. Material selection

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It is very important to choose the right material. It usually has cotton, polyester fiber, yarn, etc., while the most commonly used is elastic fiber material, because they are more comfortable, more abrasion and more personal.In addition, the appropriate thickness also needs to be considered. Too thick will make the underwear close to the skin without the effect. If it is too thin, it will lose its texture.

4. Color matching

Male and male servants are suitable for colors such as black, white, red and other colors.Black and white are classic colors. They are sexy, noble and very low -key, and red are more sexy and enthusiastic.

5. texture design

The design of the texture is very critical, which can reflect the charm of men through different lines.Generally speaking, male servants will choose some masculinity pattern design, such as metal zipper, leather, etc.These designs can bring a strong visual impact to the wearer.

6. Dressing skills

Wearing a male servant requires skills. First of all, pay attention to whether the size of the underwear is appropriate. If it is too large or too small, it will not achieve the effect.Secondly, to ensure the flatness of the entire underwear, this is also the key point to improve sexuality.

7. Cleaning maintenance

It is very important to keep the underwear clean and dry. You can first soak the underwear in the saline, rinse it with water for a few minutes, and then dry it.Do not use bleach or powerful cleaner, which will cause the color and texture of the underwear.

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8. Recommended brand

Here are several well -known sexy underwear brands. They have a high level in the design and manufacturing of male servants: UNB, MC, Pump, Doreanse.

9. Dress occasion

Male servants are more flexible. They can wear in sex to increase interest and stimulus; they can wear them as clothing at the party, party or other special occasions to increase their own personality.

10. Viewpoint

Male servants are a sexy and powerful sexy underwear. Its design and wearing need skills, but it can reflect a strong male charm.Choosing a male servant underwear that suits him can make men add more interest and charm to sex and special occasions.