Sexy underwear female star photo

Sexy underwear female star photo

Star sex lingerie display

In the field of sexy underwear, it can always bring endless surprises.In recent years, many female stars have demonstrated their sexy figures in public, which has helped the market’s market.

Liu Shishi’s sexy underwear shape

The fashion goddess Liu Shishi shot a set of sexy underwear blockbusters for a brand.She wore black lace sexy underwear with socks and high heels, sexy and charming.This set of pictures also allowed people to revisit her beautiful shape in the movie "Little Times".

Guan Xiaotong’s girl’s sexy underwear

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Although Guan Xiaotong has matured, her bones are still a fresh and vibrant girl.The sexy underwear she chose in the sexy blockbuster is also this feature.She is dressed in pink girl’s style of sexy underwear, showing her sweetness and sexy.

Yang Mi’s catwoman sex underwear

As a strong actress, Yang Mi is very sexy.When she participated in the event, she wore a black red flower sexy underwear with black short hot pants and fish mouth shoes, perfectly interpreting the catwoman shape, attracting the attention of countless people.

Di Lierba’s leopard erotic lingerie

Di Lierba, a petite and exquisite actress, also showed amazing sexy in an event.She wore a leopard -style sexy underwear and a short black woolen coat to perfectly show her beauty and charm.

Zheng Shuang’s hot erotic underwear

Although stepped from "National Sister" to "Goddess", Zheng Shuang always maintained a fresh, cute and hot image.The black sex underwear she showed made her sexy.At the same time, she also dared to try different hairstyles and styles to show people her polynity.

Fan Bingbing’s noble erotic lingerie

Fan Bingbing is one of the most famous female stars in China, and her sexy image is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.She wears a noble sexy underwear in a certain shooting, which uses a large number of gorgeous butterflies and jewelry.Such a luxurious design and a strong temperament make her look noble and elegant.

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Zhang Yuqi’s gorgeous sexy underwear

Zhang Yuqi is a star who is constantly pursuing the perfection. A show of her impressive impression is in the performance of sexy underwear.She is wearing a champagne sexy underwear with gorgeous jewelry and high heels.The whole shape shows her tightness and gorgeous.

Zhou Dongyu’s fresh sexy underwear

Zhou Dongyu, as a representative of young domestic actresses, is often sought after by the market.Her group of sexy underwear blockbusters is very fresh and cute.She is wearing a pink and sexy underwear, with white pantyhose and flower hair accessories, showing her endless vitality and sweetness.

Li Yuchun’s unique sexy underwear

Li Yuchun has always taken a unique route, and so is she waiting for sexy underwear.In her group of photos, she wore red love underwear with leather jackets and black shorts, showing her independence and courage.


As part of the fashion industry, the market demand of sexy underwear has always existed.The sexy underwear display of female stars not only allows people to see the sexy side, but also shows the diversity and diversification of fashion.In terms of market competition, various brands should start from sexy aspects, and launch more design -oriented sexy underwear with more design and market demand.