Sexy underwear AV Performance

Sexy underwear AV Performance

Sexy underwear AV Performance

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has gradually become a common prop in AV performance.Using sexy underwear can bring a strong visual impact on people, making people have strong desires and sexy emotions.Below will tell the application of sexy underwear in AV performances from several aspects.

Characteristic parcel

The characteristic of sexy underwear is its wrapping. It can wrap the woman’s body well, highlight the body curve, and make people have stronger sexual desire.In the AV performance, the heroine wears sexy underwear, which can better induce male audiences to become sexual impulsive.


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Sex underwear can also be used to interpret different roles.For example, the heroine can wear a rabbit girl outfit, playing sexy rabbit girls, or sailor clothes to play cute maids.This role -playing can not only increase the interest of the audience, but also better stimulate men’s sexual desire.


The design of sexy underwear is very unique, and sometimes it can stimulate men’s fantasies.For example, some sexy underwear is designed with transparent or lace materials, which outlines the body curve of women, making male audiences full of fantasy.This visual stimulus can make it easier for men to enter a state of excitement.

Harmonious picture

In AV performances, sexy underwear can also play a harmonious role.Because shooting AV needs to maintain a certain degree of pornographic content, excessive exposure will make some audiences feel uncomfortable.At the same time, sexy underwear can reduce some excessive exposed parts while maintaining sexy, making the picture more harmonious, and the audience experience is better.

Personality choice

The types of sexy underwear are very rich and can satisfy the tastes of different people.Some people like more sexy styles, some people like cute styles, and some people prefer traditional styles.Different erotic underwear can meet different audience needs, so that AV performances are more personalized.

Increase interest

Interest underwear can also increase the fun of performance, allowing actors and audiences to better enjoy the process of sex.Some sexy lingerie designs for different sex methods, such as SM, oral sex, etc., which can bring different sexual experiences.


Comfort design

In AV performances, the comfort of sexy underwear is also very important.Women need to move freely in the performance, and the comfort of sexy underwear to a large extent affects the effect of the performance.Some high -quality erotic underwear designs take into account comfort, so that the heroine who becomes a sexy girl can better express her charm.

Gradually tend to the public

With the gradual liberation of people’s sexual concepts and the continuous development of the interesting industry, the application of sexy underwear is becoming more and more extensive.Under the penetration of popular culture, the use of sexy underwear has gradually become a fashion.Sexy sexy underwear is no longer limited to AV performances, and has also entered the lives of ordinary people.

Covering age

The application of sexy underwear is no longer limited to a certain age group.As young audiences and middle -aged and elderly audiences continue to increase, sexy underwear is also increasingly colorful due to market demand.Whether it is a young student or a middle -aged and elderly couple, you can find a sexy lingerie style that suits you.


In summary, in AV performances, sexy underwear is widely used.Interest underwear can not only increase sexual interest, but also increase the artistic value of AV performance.I believe that in the near future, the application of sexy underwear will be more promoted.