Sexy underwear and boyfriend love love

Sexy underwear and boyfriend love love

Sex underwear add points to love

Interest underwear is one of the utensils of modern sex. It can effectively improve the quality of sexual life. Not only can it increase the romantic atmosphere, improve the sexual desire of both sides, and enrich the sexual sex.Therefore, if you want to give you more surprises to your boyfriend, then sexy underwear is your good choice.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

If you haven’t worn sex underwear before, you can try various styles, including lace underwear, transparent underwear, cats and women’s suits, sex pajamas, and so on.If you want your boyfriend to love your body especially a part of your body, then you can choose to pay more attention to the sexy underwear that is designed.When choosing a size, it is recommended to choose tight underwear, so as to better display the body curve and enhance the sexy effect.

Appropriate dew point is a beautiful choice

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Sex underwear is usually designed to be sexy, so proper dew point design is a very good choice.Designing some small dew points that stimulate men can increase their sexual interest, but exceeding the bottom line that men accept, they may have the opposite effect.So you still need to deal with it carefully.

Men are visual animals

As we all know, men are visual animals, and they are usually easier to see.Therefore, sexy erotic underwear is a very effective way of stirring.The role of sexy underwear is like a bridge, which can help women and men to shorten psychological distance and help enhance feelings.

Attitude is more important than appearance

You know, sexy underwear can play a role of stiring, but the factors wearing underwear are not the most important.Attitude is important.Wearing a sexy and sexy underwear, if there is no confidence and timidity, it will only reduce the harm and increase evil.Therefore, wearing underwear confidently and showing the most beautiful side to the other half is the most affectionate expression.

Sexy underwear needs to be kept clean

Good erotic underwear needs to be well maintained, usually pay attention to cleaning and storage.Interest underwear must be cleaned frequently, it is best to wash it in hand.Of course, pay attention to water temperature when cleaning. Excessive water will cause clothes to shrink or even damage, and will also cause the telescopic decrease in underwear materials.It is recommended to use laundry solution dedicated to clean underwear.

Sexy trail props are also a good choice

The above -mentioned sexy underwear is just one of the choices. If you don’t want to choose underwear or want to add some other gadgets, such as handcuffs, stockings, leather whip, candle, etc., it is even more possible.Various sexy trails can effectively increase interest.

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Pursuing a variety of sexual lifestyles

Diversified sexual lifestyles can increase the interaction, enthusiasm and fun of both parties.Try to excite both parties in different places, different times, and different things.Sex underwear is just one of the auxiliary methods of sex.Therefore, sexy underwear is not necessary, but if you and your boyfriend like to experience new sexual lifestyles, then sexy underwear must be a good choice.

Based on the interests of both parties to choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose the right style according to the hobbies and interests of both parties, so that you can bring more surprises and better enjoyment to each other.When choosing, we must first consider their own preferences. Different people like underwear styles. Selection according to the interests of both parties is the best choice.


Sex underwear is a kind of auxiliary tool for modern sex. Its role is not only to enhance feelings and strengthen sexual interest, but also to make sex more healthy, diverse and warm.If you and your boyfriend are willing to try sexy underwear, then sexy underwear will definitely bring more fun to your sex life.